Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just added a wordle with all by favourite action research words (just look to the left!) If you want to make your own wordle see my list of links.

Wild Winter Weather

It is currently blowing a gale, hailing and possibly snowing! How perfect it would be to have a snow day tomorrow. I could spend the day doing my action research in front of the fire!

Online Reading Survey

I have just made an online survey for my students to complete. By giving my students (involved in my action research) this survey I hope to gain their opinion of our current reading activities and their ideas for future activities. I would also like to see whether their enjoyment level is higher when using the computer in comparison to written activities. My survey can be viewed online at http://freeonlinesurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=2hxabbr464pjf5j598416

Interactive Maths Games

Over the last week I have also been adding more links to my Magic Maths Wiki. I am looking for suitable online interactive games to support topic maths skills such as shapes, measurement, time etc. I have found lots of good ones but unfortunately it is quite a time consuming exercise. I will go back to searching when my 3rd year student is on control in a few weeks. Yay!

The Magic of Movies

I felt I hadn't left a post for a while so I thought I should get back to blogging! I have been busy trying out lots of ICT with my class. The Barnyard Buddies blog is going really well. Not a day goes by without the children talking about it. I have had lots of positive feedback from parents too which has been great. I am becoming more skilled with my class blog now. I played around with Windows Movie Maker and put The Barnyard Buddies photos into a simple movie and added it to the blog. I shared it with my class today and they loved it. My students are really keen to learn how to make a movie which is great. In the future the "Star of the Week" will get the opportunity to make the movie with me and choose their own photos, fonts, music etc. I think this will be a great way to scaffold my students so they will learn the skills they need to independently make their own movies. Therefore in relation to my action research, in the future I could use movie making as a tool to share the children's responses to books.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blossom the Bunny

I felt that Harry the Hamster maybe lonely in the Brainstorm Lounge so I have adopted another Cyber Pet. Blossom the Bunny is happy to munch on carrots (click on the more button to feed her one). If you want your own bunny, tiger, or even a bat check out the link to the left.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whoooo Hoooo!

Yay!!! I have wireless internet in my classroom. I am a very happy teacher!!!!! I can now blog at school and at home. Definately feeling like the cat who got the cream!

The Barnyard Buddies

I am excited to start my new classroom blog with my students this week. This year's stars are The Barnyard Buddies. A super cute horse and cow. Please feel free to check out my student's blog (see the link to the left).

Harry the Hamster

I have just added Harry the Hamster to my blog. Isn't he cool! If you click on the square you can feed him or click on his wheel and make him run. Check out the link if you want to add something crazy to your blog.

Help for Beginner Bloggers

Allanah King who I have talked about before on my blog has her own "Bling For Your Blog" blog. She is one clever lady - check out the link if you are interested.

More Bling!

Just added some more bling to my blog. Thought The Brainstorm Lounge needed a clock and of course a pet goldfish! See the link if you want to add a clock to your blog.


Miss B is frustrated. She has planned all these neat sessions for her students incorporating ICT and whenever we go to use the classroom computer they do not work. It has been frustrating trying to connect to the internet, install programs to support the games (flash player etc) and overcome administrator passwords and blocks to networking sites such as my blogs. Grrrr! Hopefully I will sort out all my teething problems soon and will experience some success.